Energy Balance

From Midwest CBK, highlighted in our Fixit Shop trend for 2015

At The Trend Curve, our consulting clients and Members of our subscriber family are as likely to be greeting-card designers as they are lighting designers. Or maybe they sell those products at retail. That’s why seasonal colors and trends are on our radar as often as those for everyday décor. It’s … [Read more...]

Lighting Up Seasonal Décor


Lights are definitely on-trend for seasonal décor. These aren't big lights that make a haunted house or gourd look illuminated from inside. I'm talking about small bulbs, often LED's and fiber optics, that work like punctuation marks within a form or design. These small bits of illumination are … [Read more...]

Understanding Color’s Role

The Trend Curve Colors™ 2016

Even the newest and most-exciting colors need to be channeled correctly to get the most productivity out of an assortment. So when I think about color, I also consider how to use it. Its role will vary by style. If you have purchased The Trend Curve Colors™ 2016 (or any of our seasonal … [Read more...]

Outdoor Kitchen Evolution

Coyote's Hybrid Grill

It used to be that a grill, a table and a few chairs were all you needed for a backyard cookout. In fact, 20 years or so ago, there wasn’t much more than this to chose from. Today, that kind of utilitarian setup is on its way to becoming a distant memory. Why? Because a growing number of materials … [Read more...]