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Haute Halloween and Fall™ 2016

Last week a Member of The Trend Curve's subscriber family asked me about the best way to use our Haute Halloween and Fall™ forecast. Like all our seasonal color-and-trend collections, Haute Halloween and Fall™ 2016 has been fashioned with creative freedom in mind. You can dig into every detail of … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Floral Orbs

Max Silk

In so many showrooms during Dallas Market Center's Holiday & Home Expo,  floral orbs were given a place of honor. Whether made of tissue paper or silk, they added an on-trend feminine touch that was fresh and new. Floral orbs dangled from ceilings like pendants and decorated tables that were set … [Read more...]

Saying Good-Bye to Gray

Gray-cast wood debuted at Universal Furniture

Gray is now so well established that it has shifted from trend to basic in many home-décor categories. Brown is running in to fill the trend void and warm the color landscape. Having been overshadowed by grays for so long, browns are looking surprisingly fresh within directional color palettes. For … [Read more...]

Just Add Green

Season's Direct Imports

Bicycle icons have been around longer than mustaches, but at the Holiday & Home Expo in Dallas, they still managed to get some attention. That's because the newest versions were covered in green, and green was on-trend. From bestselling moss and succulents to incoming foliage, artificial … [Read more...]