Just Add Green

Season's Direct Imports

Bicycle icons have been around longer than mustaches, but at the Holiday & Home Expo in Dallas, they still managed to get some attention. That's because the newest versions were covered in green, and green was on-trend. From bestselling moss and succulents to incoming foliage, artificial … [Read more...]

No-Fade Textiles with Structural Color


Researchers in China have created fibers with structural color properties, so no dyes would be required nor would the color ever fade. In an article in Chemical & Engineering News entitled, Structural Color From Nanoparticles Makes Bright Fibers, these researchers have discovered that they … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for The Era of Living Services?


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called, "the most significant market disruption since the dawn of the Internet" and everything we already see in development (e.g., Google's Project Jacquard) bears that out. In fact, take a peek at this IoT List to get a sense of some of the products already on … [Read more...]