What’s New at the Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo is the best place to see what’s new for pets of all kinds. This year, there were so many fun and clever product introductions! You can read about the best new trends in the April issue of The Trend Curve. For now, here are 10 of The Trend Curve’s favorite products for the dog—and the dog lover—in your life. (Click images for a larger view):

PawZ Dog Boots: The Safespot Leash PawZ Dog Boots: The Safespot Leash leash locks at the collar and the handle so you can leave your dog outside a shop or café without wondering whether you’ll find them there when you get back.
Buddy Belts' "Buddy Belt Harness" Buddy Belts: This Buddy Belt Harness may look like a crazy pair of glasses, but it’s really the easiest step-in harness I’ve seen. New in trend-forward pastel colors. 

Sara England’s giclée-quality prints, coasters and memo boards

Sara England Designs: Sara England’s giclée-quality prints, coasters and memo boards remind me of the whimsy behind The Night I Followed The Dog. Parents of young children may know this book about the adventures of the family pet (including going clubbing), once the owners think he is safely asleep in his doghouse. In addition to the Dog WINEing collection, her other new series at the show, Party Animals, was just as fun. 
Waggo's Office Dog Chew Toys Waggo: Waggo knows that lots of dogs go to the office every day, so they developed Office Dog Chew Toys—oversized paper clip and push-pin toys in keeping with the office theme. Great colors!
Raymend's LED Biolight™ pet groomer Raymend: This isn’t any ordinary pet groomer. This one has LED Biolight™ technology to help ease your pet’s minor aches and pains, improve circulation and promote a shiny coat. I wonder how many people will buy it for their pet, but use it on themselves? 
Dog Snorz pillowcases Dog Snorz: If your dog takes over the bed at night, you understand the humor behind these pillow cases. Dog Snorz has choices for cats, too: “I sleep better when I hear my cat purring.”
PetMate's See & Extend carrier PetMate: Even the tiniest dogs and cats want room to move around. The See & Extend carrier unzips, revealing an addition that ensures your pet feels less confined. 
Dog Speak Cards Dog Speak Cards: This company’s designer had so many great sentiments on the frames, cards and t-shirts in the stand that it was difficult to pick out a favorite.
Canine Care Products' Snuggly Boots and Suspenders Canine Care Products: I live in snowy Minnesota, so a good pair of boots is a winter must-have. But my dog, Bitsy can’t keep them on her feet! These new Snuggly Boots and Suspenders fill a real need.
Best Friends by Sheri Best Friends by Sheri: Who can resist shaggy orange bouclé? This company made a color-and-texture statement that is both fun and fashion-forward.