All New Digital Delivery of The Trend Curve

This February 2013 issue of The Trend Curve marks an important turning point in our nearly 25-year-old publishing history. It is our first digital-only issue and our Members received this one week earlier than if it had been printed and mailed. The video below will let you know, Members, where to find the digital versions and that this current issue is available online. 

We made the decision to go to a digital-only format for two reasons. The first was the steady beat of progress. Publishing has been moving from print to devices for the past several years. In 2012, the move went from a trickle to a rush.

The Trend Curve first offered digital subscriptions in 2010. That was the year when many of our subscribers outside of the US (and especially beyond North America) began to ask for it. By 2012, requests were coming steadily from those closer to home. People told us they wanted our trend forecasts faster and in an easier format. We listened and delivered.

View this short 1:30 video on accessing the new digital versions (also, click here to view a larger version):

This issue of The Trend Curve can be viewed when and where you want it—on any device—so you not only get it fast, but also can reference it anywhere, anytime, any place.

The online version of The Trend Curve uses Google Translate which supports 65 languages and variations!

The online version of The Trend Curve uses Google Translate which supports 65 languages and variations!

The second reason to embrace digital delivery is that the amount of content we can deliver to you is now greater. Specifically, we have doubled the number of images to help you see the trends, and we can put them directly into The Trend Curve, rather than in related posts (though we will continue to post special content for Members). Since most Members of our subscriber family love the visuals at least as much as what we write, we know this will help you to get a clearer perspective on incoming trends.

  1. Click the Member Login link at the top of this page
  2. Login with your username (or email address) and password. If you forgot your password simply click the "forgot password?" link and follow the instructions to reset your password
  3. After you login you will automatically be taken to your new Member Homepage with easy access to The Trend CurveMember Posts and Trend Flash™
  4. Click on the image or link for "The Trend Curve for Members"
  5. Instructions on "Downloading & Viewing" are in the right sidebar on The Trend Curve for Members page. 

We hope you enjoy the new, easier-to-read-digitally format and the significantly faster access to The Trend Curve (as well as our continued capability to keep your subscription cost as low as possible). Let us know your thoughts by sending an email to