Why ‘Tis The Season 2013-2014?

Consumers want to express their personal style during the Holidays every bit as much as they do year 'round. A one-size-fits-all approach won't work. That's why The Trend Curve has created 11 unique trends to inspire your assortments in 'Tis The Season™ 2013-2014. We give you 29 color and 4 metallics that work together with looks that range from Electric to Eclectic. Here are a few examples of what's in store for you in our newest Holiday color-and-trend forecast:

Neon Noel: Christmas by Krebs

Neon Noël
Nothing is more cutting edge than new color, and the neons you’ll see for Christmas 2013-14 are sure to jolt the holidays to a higher level of profits. These cheerful brights are especially radiant when accented with black as a contrasting foil.

Tickled Pink: Kaemingk

Tickled Pink
The star of bright Christmas colors will be pink and the brighter the better! Expect pink to pervade everything from Christmas-tree lights to candles and poinsettia pots.

Cozy and Warm: Wenzel

Cozy and Warm
Christmas will also go more casual in our Cozy and Warm trend, which features such informal materials as denim and cable knits. With its All-American overtones, this trend will influence everything from wall décor to Christmas throw pillows, making everyone feel instantly at ease.

Chocolate Elegance: Inge Glas

What makes Christmas 2013-14 eclectic is the broad range of looks that span the great distance between casual and chic. On the far end of this spectrum is our Chocolate Elegance trend that fuses the perennially popular chocolate theme with glittery opulence. Whether covered with sugar beads or scrolled with gold, expect chocolate browns to take center stage as grays fall into the background.

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