If you are a manufacturer, retailer or interior designer—or if you work with clients in these businesses—you know your future relies on staying up-to-speed on home furnishings color, pattern and design trends.

You also know what a difficult and time consuming task this can be for anyone who also has other job responsibilities. We can help.

Marketing Directions, Inc. can put you a step ahead with a full line of print products (along with digitally downloadable versions of each), color forecasts as well as consulting and speaking services targeted specifically to you or your organization's needs. Each item or service from Marketing Directions, Inc. draws on our 25+ years of trend tracking expertise in the home furnishings industry.

The highly regarded newsletter, The Trend Curve™, and our color forecast The Trend Curve Colors™ are just two of the many tools from Marketing Directions, Inc. that can help you turn trends into profits. Private consulting is also available.

Customers include the top names in manufacturing, retail, interior design and automotive, as well as others who demand the latest information and forecasts to assist them in making manufacturing or buying decisions 18-24 months out.